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Bring a heightened awareness to your movement patterns with a system that is observable, measurable, and repeatable.

Utilizing the Sparta Science movement signature, Oak Responders provides objective assessments by measuring fitness level, injury risk, and rehab success with speed and scale for agencies of all sizes.

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How it works

Oak Responders partners with Sparta Science to leverage the power of machine learning to capture an individual’s movement data in minutes, assess performance and risk of injury, then assign intelligent, personalized movement guidance to improve performance and accelerate rehabilitation.

Each program is unique to every client to make the most out of their workouts.

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Prevent Injury

Oak Strength
Fire & EMT
Pre-Academy & Academy
  • The standard costs for recruiting and training cadets for each fire academy is approximately $1.5 million and takes over 12 months.
  • Costs due to physical failure and injury during fire academy training is approximately $250,000.

Be Prepared

Fire & EMT
Active Duty
  • The estimated cost of firefighter injury is estimated to range between $1.6 billion and $5.9 billion annually.
  • 49% of all injuries occurring at the fireground were from strain, sprain, muscular pain, or overexertion
  • The median number of days away from work is 15 days, with 31% of injuries resulting in 31 or more days away, which results in a loss of approximately $50,000 to $200,000 per fire department per year.
  • On average, 22,000 career and volunteer EMS personnel visit emergency departments each year for work-related injuries.
  • Over 46% of all injuries affecting nurses and EMS personnel are caused by overexertion and excessive physical effort.
  • Muscular injuries to paramedics reported in the U.S. hospital emergency departments have an estimated annual cost of $34,080,000.
Oak Strength

Perform your best

Oak Strength
Fire & EMT
  • Validate and monitor individual and group movement health by using an objective, single source tracking and reporting system.
  • Improve Movement Health with data-driven, personalized movement protocols assigned in real time
  • Assign plans with the option to create modifications based on individual movement restrictions.
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