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Deb Otto Oak Strength Testimonial
Deb Otto

“The coaches here are 100% for you and for making you the best person in reaching your fullest potential!”

Rick Reese Oak Strength Testimonial
Rick Reese

“This is a family, there are really good people and you do get attached to them!”

Chris Hardwick Oak Strength Testimonial
Chris Hardwick

“The coaching staff was very accomodating in how they approached the fitness program that I was going to do and would be working towards the standards of movement.”

Tammy Pedrick Oak Strength Testimonial
Tammy Pedrick

“It’s amazing, I love it. There is no division, it’s just like we are all together, it’s just like family and push each other to be our best!”

Richard Oak Strength Testimonial

Richard was able to reverse his Osteoporosis and go off medications by weight training at Oak Strength. By building supporting muscle, he was able to increase his bone density! 

Ann Oak Strength Testimonial

After years of struggling with her lifestyle habits and overcoming thyroid cancer, Ann has lost 40 lbs by adding in weight training and working with a nutrition coach.


Sophie Bruner Oak Strength Testimonial
Sophie Bruner

“My experience here has been great! I’ve been doing different stuff that I haven’t been on like I should have been.”

Tori Hagg Oak Strength Testimonial
Tori Hagg

“I like that I got to see results!”

Gage Oak Strength Testimonial

“Since Gage has going he has surpassed our expectations in the player he could become”

Olivia Taylor Oak Strength Testimonial
Olivia Taylor

“I’m getting better faster because each thing I do is tailored for what I need to work on!”

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