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At Oak Strength, we train our members for life. Whether you’re an athlete or just inspired to reach new physical heights, you can make improvements you never thought possible. Our coaches are the backbone of our community and are equipped to unlock the extraordinary in you. Take a moment to meet our incredible group who will help you on your journey.
CEO & Co-Founder
Adam Lane

Adam is driven by the results the members of Oak Strength achieve and being entrusted with their faith in the program.

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Heather Lane

As one of our founders and a mother of two boys, Heather focuses on smart training and a healthy lifestyle and truly loves engaging others by inviting them to Oak Strength.

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COO/Director of Operations
Matt Mulvenna

Matt enjoys pushing athletes both in fitness and as a person.

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Director of Adult & First Responder Training
Hannah Moon

Hannah found her passion in the sports performance industry through training both athletes and first responders. She loves watching these individuals improve their performance abilities and accomplish things that they thought they couldn’t do.

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Adult and Grey Tennies Coach
Kara Elliot

Her competitive, fierce, and playful personality continues to be a driving force in our OakFit and ROOTS classes.  As one who has seen herself push through limits, she encourages and pushes our athletes to do the same! 

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Adult Coach
Brett McWilliams

He works full-time as a physical therapist and enjoys spending his days off in the gym helping people reach their fitness goals.

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Sport Performance Coach
Katie Popanz

Katie loves everything fitness and being able to inspire and encourage others daily and physically see their improvements is her passion. 

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Nutrition Director
Jackie Kirchner, RD

Jackie is a registered dietitian who works with enthusiastic, dedicated athletes who want to fuel their bodies better so they can improve endurance and fitness, increase energy, recover faster, and...

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