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Protect your officers and keep them prepared.

Utilizing the Sparta Science movement signature, Oak Responders provides objective assessments by measuring fitness level, injury risk, and rehab success with speed and scale for agencies of all sizes.

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How it works

Oak Responders partners with Sparta Science to leverage the power of machine learning to capture an individual’s movement data in minutes, assess performance and risk of injury, then assign intelligent, personalized movement guidance to improve performance and accelerate rehabilitation.

Each program is unique to every client to make the most out of their workouts.

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Prevent Injury

Oak Strength
Pre-Academy & Academy
  • The standard cost to recruit, hire, equip, and fully train a single police officer from the time they submit their initial application to the time they can function independently may exceed $100,000 and take up to 18 months.
  • Over 34% of cadets sustain preventable physical injuries that result in failure from the academy, a departmental loss of $3,400,00, and almost a year and a half of lost time.
  • 95% of the sustained physical injuries originate from poor movement patterns and result in injuries to the shoulders, knees, and ankles.

Be Prepared

Active Duty
  • 52% of injuries that occur while on active duty are preventable muscular and joint strains that typically require an average of 4.5 days off. 
  • The departmental cost of a major muscular injury can be upwards of $100,000 per officer, given the average cost for days lost, average cost of rehab, and average cost to replace an injured officer.
  • Officers who report healthy weights miss 50% fewer days after an injury, miss almost 4x fewer days, and have significantly shorter rehabilitation times than those who are overweight. 
Oak Strength

Perform your best

Oak Strength
  • Fast and actionable identification of risk and fitness levels 
  • Objectively measure the impact of fitness and rehabilitation programs
  • Minimize attrition and enhance officers on active duty
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