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What is Sparta Science?
Sparta Science is a leader in the application of movement diagnostic software.

Sparta technology is used worldwide by elite and conventional military forces, professional, collegiate, high school and youth sports organizations, strength training professionals, and medical providers committed to helping people move better at work, at play, and on duty.

Oak Strength & Sparta Science

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With the Sparta System Oak Strength individualizes programming. With our elite youth athletes ranging from middle school to professionals, Oak Strength gets specific with each athlete, increasing performance and protecting against injury.
We don't guess...

We assess.

We utilize Sparta Science force plate technology and their validated scientific assessments to determine an athlete’s strengths and weaknesses.

The Sparta Software compares an athlete’s results to our robust database and delivers actionable insights.

Sparta Science at Oak Strength

After your assessment, we review your results. From here our Oak Strength staff prescribes and tailors programming to each athlete to reduce injury and increase performance.

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